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Building Construction

+ Turnkey Construction PrQJects + General Building Construction + New Hornes, Additions & Alterations & Refurbishments + Commercial & Institutional Projects + Design, warehouse, religious institutions, and Schools including Malls and Shopping Centers


Domerius Services. Is a private company with the following equity ownership


Henry is a founding member of Domerius Services, having joined in 2016. He currently serves as the Managing, Operational, and Technology Director. Henry's educational background includes a National Diploma in Architectural Technology and a B-Tech Management in Architecture. His areas of expertise encompass architectural design, construction management, project management, and cost estimation. Notably, he is an esteemed member of both the South African Institute of Professional Architects and the Pretoria Institute for Architecture.

Concrete Pouring

What We Do




Implement projects on the level of civil services and to make sure that they are executed to the highest of standards.



Manage all kinds of construction projects by managing contractors and their suppliers and also train growing contractors.



Facilitate communication and the involvement of communities in all projects.



To partake in the housing development 

of our country and to competitively 

produce excellent end product 



We offer MATERIALS OF THE FUTURE with new SANS 204 and 10400-XA legislation, South Africans will be forced to meet certain energy efficiency and environmental requirements. The IFHS building system is fully compliant with this new legislation. All Future house materials are sourced in South Africa and our manufacturing is done entirely in South Africa. We offer ECO FRIENDLY IFHS, sustainable, saving building time, saving energy expenditure and making buildings more comfortable to live in. We offer COMPLETE SOLUTIONS a complete range of products and services that complement our walling system. Products that include under floor insulation, suspended floor and roof slabs, insulated ceilings and plastering and finishing systems as well as double-glazed window and door systems. Services include on-site training, engineering and construction consultancy.

FUTUREHOUSE WALL PANEL: The Futurehouse walling system is a structural, pre-fabricated walling panel with an expanded polystyrene core encapsulated in high tensile steel galvanised wire mesh. Panels are supplied in standard sizes; 1.2m wide x 1.2m wide x 2.5, 2.75 and 3m height. Custom heights can be made to order. Panel core EPS thickness variants of 40, 60, 80 and 100mm.


FUTUREHOUSE SLAB PANEL: Futurehouse slab panels can be used for floor slabs of varying spans. The Futurehouse Slab System comprises a panel with the same profile and mesh reinforcing as the walling panel but with two channels cut out of the EPS which, with additional reinforcing rebar, create beams when cast with concrete.


FUTUREHOUSE THERMAPANEL: Thermapanel is an expanded polystyrene sheet with tongue and grooved edges to fit tight together for the thermal insulation of underground floor concrete slabs, cavity brick walls and above conventional ceilings. PLASTER


APPLICATION EQUIPMENT: Futurehouse directly supplies locally manufactured hand held plaster spraying machines which are inexpensive and run off a small compressor. For larger projects Futurehouse can also advise on automated, more industrial plaster spraying machines.


FUTUREHOUSE SKIMPLAST: Skimplast is water based acrylic plaster solution to which plaster sand is added to make a flexible, impact resistant, maintenance free, natural looking, and thin finish plaster coat. Skimplast takes on the colour of the plaster sand used but can also be pigmented to increase the colour options.

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